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Daikyo Crystal Zenith Ready-to-Use 5mL Vials COP
Qty. 448 vials/carton

Daikyo Crystal Zenith® resin is a high-quality engineered cyclic olefin polymer (COP). The 5mL vial offers a low particulate level and a nominal fill volume that is compatible with 20mm stoppers and 20mm Flip-Off™ seals. The vials are supplied in a ready to use, sterile format (E-beam sterilized) and are fully vision inspected. West item number: 19550209

Max limit = 5
Daikyo Crystal Zenith Ready-to-Use 5mL Vials COP

Daikyo Crystal Zenith® 5mL vials provide a high-quality solution to glass incompatibly issues. The vials stand up to cryogenic storage environments and show a low protein/peptide adsorption. With glass-like transparency, superior break resistance and low risk of chemical interactions, Crystal Zenith vials help to avoid issues including delamination and particulates, providing an integrated lifecycle solution designed to maintain drug safety, purity and efficacy.

Packed 224 vials per HPDE tray and HDPE lid. Tray of vials placed inside a sealed vacuum bag and breather bag. Two trays are contained in polyethylene (PE)-lined carton for a total of 448 vials per carton. 

West’s comprehensive Integrated Solutions Program offers expert testing to support drug product containment systems throughout the development process.  Our technical expertise for pharmaceutical packaging includes vials, stoppers and seals, with an in-depth understanding of regulations and market requirements, including USP <1207>.  A dedicated Project Management team will help to identify key stakeholders to provide consultation and the creation of a customized study design. 


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