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20mm FOCCS Ready-to-Use Ready Pack Seals (Blue)
Qty. 500 seal/carton

West Ready Pack™ Flip-Off™ CCS (Clean, Certified, Sterilized) seals are provided ready to use (gamma sterilized) and are an ideal choice for small quantity filling and high-value drugs. The seal is assembled in an ISO 8 environment and comes with a matte finish, gamma stable polypropylene button in a blue color. The aluminum shell is coated for low particle abrasion and is clear lacquered. West item number: 59221127

Max limit = 5
20mm FOCCS Ready-to-Use Ready Pack Seals (Blue)

In a quantity of 500 seals per carton, Ready Pack™ components are suitable for small quantity filling of high-value drugs and meet regulatory requirements from research and development through commercial scales. Flip-Off CCS Seals are a sterile product for immediate use and meet the highest market need as well as regulatory requirements addressing drug cleanliness and safety. Delivered in a ready-to-use format, Flip-Off CCS Ready Pack seals come with a specified low bioburden level before sterilization and specified low particulate level.

  • 500 seals/ in 3 polyethylene (PE) bags
  • Airpads
  • PE bags backed in primary carton (plastic corrugate) and a secondary outer carton

  • Packaging Diagram

West’s comprehensive Integrated Solutions Program offers expert testing to support drug product containment system throughout the development process.  Our technical expertise for pharmaceutical packaging includes vials, stoppers and seals with an in-depth understanding of regulations and market requirements, including IUSP <1207>. A dedicated Project Management team will help to identify key stakeholders to provide consultation and the creation of a customized study design. 


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