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Stevanato Group EZ-fill® 10R RTU Vials, Tray

Qty. 960 vials/carton

Stevanato Group EZ-fill® vials offer a high-quality, ready-to-use vial option for pharmaceutical use. The 10R ISO vial comes in a clean, sterilized, depyrogenated format. The separation of all containers within the packaging mitigate the risk of glass-to-glass contact that can lead to breakages or cosmetic issues. West item number: 68000399. Sale of this item is limited to USA (including PR), Canada, Israel, Switzerland, UK and all countries of the European Union. ​

Max limit = 5

Item cannot ship small package (FedEx/UPS). This item will ship on pallet(s).

Stevanato Group EZ-fill® 10R RTU Vials, Tray
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