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四月 21, 2014

West Authors Contribute Chapter on Primary Packaging Components

West’s Mike Schaefers and Heike Kofler recently published a chapter entitled, “Primary Packaging Components Elastomeric Closures for Pharmaceutical Applications” to APV Basics Pharmazeutische Packmittel (Elastomeric Pharmaceutical Packaging).

The chapter discusses the variable nature of medicinal products and their increased risk for potential interactions when coming into contact with materials used for drug product storage or targeted administration. The pharmaceutical industry has high expectations with respect to quality requirements, functional, physical and chemical properties as well as strict regulatory requirements. This has to be taken into account when manufacturing, processing and storing primary packaging that is in direct contact with the pharmaceutical product. The selection of suitable primary packaging according to design, toxicological, chemical and physical properties, and functional criteria is crucial to the successful development of a medicinal product.

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