By Your Side for Collaboration

By Valerie Bomberger

四月 20, 2020

Information is a powerful tool and West’s Knowledge Center has been updated to provide our customers with an improved user experience.  We’ve completed a comprehensive overhaul of the Knowledge Center user interface, including a filter-based search design, more modern look and feel, and easy access to trending articles, new content, and FAQ’s answered by West Subject Matter Experts.

By Your Side for Innovation

By Silji Abraham

七月 31, 2019

Today’s business environment demands a seamless and continual transition of digital experience to conduct business and engage various stakeholders in the same way we conduct the rest of our lives outside work. The experience expectation is consistent across devices of choice from phones to tablets to laptops. That’s why West partners with the world’s top pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic companies to embrace technology that supports the patients they serve with online resources and tools to better manage their health. In turn, we’re looking to support our customers with digital tools to help speed the research and development process of bringing life-saving medicines to patients that need them.

By Your Side for Collaboration

By Fran DeGrazio

七月 24, 2019

As regulations increase across the pharmaceutical industry, reliable scientific evidence is needed to support the decisions being made during the drug development process in order to achieve the safe delivery of medicines to patients.

2019 Intern trip to Jersey Shore

By Santina Zouras

七月 12, 2019

Recently, 16 of the interns from the 2019 West Ambassador Internship Program visited two West sites in Jersey Shore and Williamsport, Pennsylvania. As interns from the corporate headquarters, the tours of the two local manufacturing locations offered a unique perspective to contrast the corporate experience. During the Jersey Shore and Williamsport tours, the interns were given a different experience to visualize the making of the product itself.

West Dublin Facility

By Caitlin Storbeck

六月 22, 2017

One of the many unique opportunities West offers employees is the ability to participate in a short-term assignment program, known as ROADMAP (Rotational Opportunity Assignment Development Mobility Action Plan). Developed in 2015, ROADMAP provides employees with the opportunity to work at a different West facility for an extended period of time. The ROADMAP program is designed to encourage job sharing, job rotation, special projects, knowledge transfer and start-up opportunities to support the organization to further build global network and culture within West. 

By Heike Kofler, Ph.D.

五月 09, 2017

The Global Technical Customer Support (TCS) team has as its main focus engagement with customers – facilitating access to West’s expertise in pharmaceutical packaging components and delivery solutions, and providing assistance and technical information on West and Daikyo products and services.