West Innovations

Culture of Innovation

As an industry leader of integrated containment and delivery solutions of injectable medicines, West encourages its employees to work as one team to deliver the best in quality products and offerings for customers and patients. By encouraging agile collaboration in creative environments, West fosters the conception of new ideas and promotes the adoption of new technologies.

Innovation Process

At West, we utilize a unified innovation process to efficiently bring the latest technologies in drug delivery from concept to market. Our process focuses on the needs of patients and customers, seeking to understand the whole user experience. Through broad experimentation that leverages various rapid prototyping techniques, West is constantly exploring new possibilities. These efforts serve to accelerate our development timelines and allow our teams to learn and ideate quickly and early. West also collaborates with academic and non-academic institutions and other partners to create and bring to market new solutions and platforms.

Innovation At Work

Here are a few examples of how innovation comes to life every day at West.
- West has established a rapid prototyping Center of Excellence and Community of Practice that keeps a finger on the pulse of 3D printing technology. This global community constantly assesses, leverages and shares knowledge on the latest additive materials and technologies.
- West embraces a design thinking approach to create valuable and desirable user interactions with our products, services, and our solutions.
- West utilizes an idea management platform to crowdsource ideas from West members around the world in order to tackle critical challenges.
- There is a growing community of Innovation Ambassadors from around the globe that receive training in design thinking tools and West’s innovation process. They serve as change agents and peer leaders for innovation practice across the organization.