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May 28, 2019

West NovaGuard® SA Pro Safety System Recognized for Excellence in Design and User Experience at the India Packaging Awards

West NovaGuard<strong><sup>&reg;</sup></strong> SA Pro safety system has been named an India Packaging Awards &ldquo;Winner&rdquo; for the Excellence in Enhanced User Experience and Excellence in Packaging Design &ndash; Shapes and Structures awards.
Deirdre Swinden

Deirdre Swinden

Director, Marketing Communications


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    Deirdre Swinden

    Deirdre Swinden

    Director, Marketing Communications

    Daniel Bantz and Jen Riter present on Performance Testing

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    Caitlin Storbeck

    Caitlin Storbeck

    Specialist, Global Communications

    AccelTRA Award

    May 25, 2018

    West AccelTRA<sup>TM</sup> Component Program Receives 2018 India Packaging Award

    Deirdre Swinden

    Deirdre Swinden

    Director, Marketing Communications

    Ready Pack System

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    Julie D'Ascenzo

    Julie D'Ascenzo

    Associate, Sales, Emerging Biologics

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