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July 23, 2018

Introducing Westar® Select Components

As the need for higher quality drug delivery and packaging components increases, customers are challenged to meet new standards and comply with additional regulatory requirements. To help our pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical partners meet these challenges and reduce risk, West has developed next-generation quality for ready-to-sterilize and ready-to-use components.
Grace Knickerbocker

Grace Knickerbocker

Exton Communications Team Intern

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Stoppers and Plungers

June 29, 2018

Changes in the European Pharmacopoeia 9.5 Chapter 3.2.9

Bettine Boltres

Bettine Boltres

Manager, Technical Account, TCS EU

Coring and Fragmentation

June 19, 2018

Coring and Fragmentation of Elastomer Components – Some Fundamentals

Fran DeGrazio

Fran DeGrazio

VP, Scientific Affairs and Technical Services

NovaPure 1-3 mL and 1 mL plungers

September 28, 2017

Controlling Particle Load in NovaPure® Elastomer Components

Page McAndrew

Page McAndrew

Director, Scientific Communications, Scientific Affairs & TCS

A group of elastomers

September 08, 2017

Bromobutyl versus Chlorobutyl Rubber: What's the Difference?


Kok Li Kwang

Manager, TCS, Generics Market & AP

Lyo and Serum stoppers

April 25, 2017

Understanding Global Compendial Specifications: Elastomers

West Pharma

West's Scientific Affairs Team


April 13, 2017

Is Your Legacy Elastomer Item up to the Task?

Lauren Orme

Lauren Orme

Technical Account Manager, TCS

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