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March 12, 2021

Is home-based administration possible? Exploring the intravenous to subcutaneous transition in cancer treatments.

Imagine self-administered cancer treatments in the comfort of a patient&rsquo;s home. How close are we to making this a reality? During this unprecedented time, immuno-compromised patients can benefit from receiving a self-administered, home-based treatment option. One major factor into making home-based cancer treatment a reality is a focus on shifting the route of administration from intravenous to subcutaneous delivery. Due to an emphasis on patient involvement in shared decision making for health care policy and medical approaches, understanding the intravenous to subcutaneous transition in medical injections has garnered increased importance. If therapeutic efficacy is not compromised, the less invasive nature and convenience of subcutaneous injections is often the preferred route of administration.<sup>1-2,4-6</sup>
Aaron Chapman

Aaron Chapman, PhD

Program Manager, Commercial Technology Development


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