Intradermal Delivery

An easy and reliable solution for intradermal injection

The ID Adapter is a novel injection guide designed for use with 1mL 1/2 inch fixed needle allergy syringes. The ID Adapter can help make intradermal injection easier and more consistent by guiding the angle and limiting the depth of needle insertion.  

 The ID Adapter: 

  • Is a sterile, disposable, single-use, injection-molded part
  • Snaps on to a 1mL 1/2 inch fixed needle allergy syringe (27,28,29 gauge)
  • Guides the angle and limits the depth of needle penetration into the intradermal layer
  • Utilizes current drug/vaccine vial and commercially available syringes, minimizing disruptions to current clinical practices
Benefits include:
  • Consistent Mantoux injection technique
  • Ease of use

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Intradermal Delivery
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