Vial2Bag Advanced® Admixture Devices

Now available in both 13mm and 20mm sizes

Why Vial2Bag Advanced® Admixture Devices

The Vial2Bag Advanced® admixture devices are a single-use transfer devices that make it possible at the point of care to reconstitute and/or admix drugs allowing for the transfer of fluids from drug vials into the intravenous (IV) bag. Here's what they can do for you:

Universal Design

Compatible with all manufacturers’ 50, 100, and 250 mL IV bags. *


Available for 13mm and 20mm closure vials. Suitable for use with liquid and powder medications.‡

Optimized Patient Care

A convenient solution for immediate use IV medication preparation at point of care, supporting timely delivery of medications to the patient.

Effective Waste & Cost Reduction

Reduces waste by preparing medication just before administration. Can reduce the need for expensive pre-mixed IV drugs.


Easy process (Cap–Spike–Admix) simplifies admixing, standardizing the nursing floor procedure. Needle-free design reduces the risk of sharps injuries.


Design enables nurses to use the drug manufacturer’s bar code for accuracy verification. Color-coded system for fast product identification in busy nursing environments.

The Vial2Bag Advanced® admixture devices can be an effective solution when meeting the compounding provisions associated with USP <797>.

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Special Report: Cost Reduction and Operational Efficiency in IV Medication Distribution

This special report discusses the factors that can affect quality IV drug distribution and how point-of-care admixture practices may impact drug delivery times, optimize automated dispensing cabinets, reduce drug and labor waste, and improve flexibility to navigate shortages.

Special Report: Prioritizing Waste Reduction in IV Medication Distribution

This special report discusses the need for drug waste minimization in the hospital setting, factors affecting waste in IV drug distribution, and methods for reducing drug waste for providers and pharmacists.

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Vial2Bag Advanced

*Compatible with all manufacturers’ 50, 100, and 250 mL IV bags with ISO 8536-4 standard IV spike.

**Study results yielded from a single-center retrospective analysis performed from June 2017 to July 2018 by an academic medical center using West’s older Vial2Bag DC device, which is no longer commercially available and has been replaced with devices in the Vial2Bag Advanced® admixture device portfolio.

‡ The Vial2Bag Advanced® 13mm and 20mm admixture devices are 510(k) cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The use of the Vial2Bag Advanced® 13mm and 20mm admixture devices should not be interpreted as modifying, extending, or superseding a drug manufacturer’s labeling recommendations for storage and expiration dating, unless otherwise limited by USP <797> compounding standards. Refer to drug manufacturer’s labeling and use instructions for recommendations, USP <797>, and applicable institution policy for shelf life and sterility information of reconstituted product and admixture device compatibility. Compatibility of the Vial2Bag Advanced® 13mm and 20mm admixture devices with all drug products has not been confirmed. Do not use the Vial2Bag Advanced® 13mm and 20mm admixture devices with lipids. Failure to follow the instructions provided may result in inadequate medication reconstitution, dilution, and/or transfer, possibly leading to overdose or underdose and/or delay in therapy. Products shown are for INFORMATION purposes only and may not be approved for marketing in specific regions. Please contact your West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (West) representative for product availability.

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