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13mm Lyophilization NovaPure® Ready-to-Use Bromobutyl 4023/50 Stoppers

Qty. 1,000 stoppers/bag

NovaPure® lyophilization stoppers are made from 4023/50 a premium quality bromobutyl elastomer with West’s lowest particulate specification available. Laminated with FluroTec™ barrier film to help reduce particulate, limit drug interaction with the elastomer and reduce leachables. These components are provided ready-to-use, sterilized and 100% vision inspected. This stopper configuration can be used with European blowback, North American blowblack, or straight wall (no blowback) vials. West item number: 19700364

Max limit = 5
13mm Lyophilization NovaPure® Ready-to-Use Bromobutyl 4023/50 Stoppers

The NovaPure® brand is West’s premium line of components. Choose these stoppers if you need a premium quality sterile lyophilization stopper with the lowest level particulate, and the tightest specification available from West. 
NovaPure® RU stoppers are included in the West Ready Pack™ containment solution portfolio, a complete vial packaging solution which includes superior quality stopper, seals, and vials. Components are available in ready-to-use small quantities, which are ideal for early-stage development or small-volume filling and are supplied by West, allowing you the convenience of easy ordering and quick delivery of your vial components.

1,000 pieces per bag. 1 bag per carton


Package Assembly Illustration 

West’s comprehensive Integrated Solutions Program offers expert testing to support drug product containment systems throughout the development process.  Our technical expertise for pharmaceutical packaging includes vials, stoppers and seals, with an in-depth understanding of regulations and market requirements, including USP <1207>.  A dedicated Project Management team will help to identify key stakeholders to provide consultation and the creation of a customized study design. 


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