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13mm V50I Lyo Chlorobutyl 4040/40 Gry B2 WestarSELECT RS

Qty. 1,000 stoppers/bag

4040/40 Gray LyoTec® Westar® Select B2-04 ready-to-sterilize stoppers are reliable container closures for your lyophilized drug product. The igloo design prevents twinning and provides stability on the vial in the vented position. FluroTec® film applied to the top of the stopper averts sticking to the lyo shelves while B2-coating provides lubricity to prevent clumping and to allow for smooth tracking with virtually no free silicone oil. Designed with ultra-low extractables to protect product quality while providing broad drug compatibility and supporting low particulate levels, this stopper has compatibility with gamma irradiation and steam sterilization (optimized drying) for processing flexibility. West item number: 10123792

Max limit = 5
13mm V50I Lyo Chlorobutyl 4040/40 Gry B2 WestarSELECT RS

This stopper is packaged in double STERILIZABLEBAG™ packages of 1,000 pcs per bag, one bag per carton; designed for direct entry into sterilization units.  This 13mm stopper configuration can be used with European, American and no blowback designed vials.  

1,000 stoppers/ in 1 STERILIZABLEBAG™ package
STB bags packed one STERILIZABLEBAG™ package per carton

West’s comprehensive Integrated Solutions Program offers expert testing to support drug product containment systems throughout the development process.  Our technical expertise for pharmaceutical packaging includes vials, stoppers and seals, with an in-depth understanding of regulations and market requirements, including USP <1207>.  A dedicated Project Management team will help to identify key stakeholders to provide consultation and the creation of a customized study design. 

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