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Stevanato EZ-fill® 2R RTU Vials, Tray

Qty. 2,280 vials/carton

Stevanato EZ-fill® vials offer a high-quality, ready-to-use vial option for pharmaceutical use. The 2R ISO vial comes in a clean, sterilized, depyrogenated format . The separation of all containers within the packaging mitigate the risk of glass-to-glass contact that can lead to breakages or cosmetic issues. West item number: 68000397. Sale of this item is limited to USA (including PR), Canada, Israel, Switzerland, UK and all countries of the European Union.

Max limit = 5

Item cannot ship small package (FedEx/UPS). This item will ship on pallet(s).

Stevanato EZ-fill® 2R RTU Vials, Tray

Stevanato EZ-fill® 2R vials provide a ready-to-use, high-quality solution for the pharmaceutical industry looking for a reduced time-to-market and increased flexibility. The unique tray packaging configuration separates each individual vial, therefore preventing the glass-to-glass contact that can lead to several issues. By preventing this contact, the EZ-fill platform reduces breakages, cosmetic defects, and more importantly, particulate generation. Unlike bulk configurations, the EZ-fill vial offering allows companies to fill in various fill-finish process by accommodating the commonalities between these processes.

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Master Specification

228 vials per tray. 10 trays per carton.

West Analytical Services provides technical expertise around packaging including vials, stoppers and seals and an understanding of regulations and market requirements including USP <1207>.  A dedicated Project Management team can help identify key stakeholders to provide consultation and customized study design

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