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Corning Valor® Glass 10R RTU Vials w/ SG EZ-fill® Technology, Tray

Qty. 960 vials/carton

Valor® Glass vials with SG EZ-fill® technology are high-quality, ready-to-use vials for pharmaceutical and biotech drugs. The 10R ISO vials are compatible with West’s 20mm NovaPure® stoppers and 20 mm Flip-Off® CCS seals (clean, certified, sterilized). These Valor® Glass vials are delivered in a tray format. West item number: 100012584.

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Corning Valor® Glass 10R RTU Vials w/ SG EZ-fill® Technology, Tray

Valor® Glass 10R vials from Corning are purpose-built to solve some of the industry’s most critical packaging challenges: 

  • These high-quality, sterile, ready-to-use vials are made from exceptionally strong glass, resisting damage and breakage, and preventing* cracks. 
  • Valor® Glass vials eliminate delamination, have low extractable concentrations, and their external coating reduces glass particulate generation – making them ideally-suited to protect sensitive drug formulations.

Corning® Valor® Glass vials are included in the West Ready Pack™ containment solution portfolio, a complete vial packaging solution which includes superior quality stopper, seals, and vials. Components are available in ready-to-use small quantities, which are ideal for early-stage development or small-volume filling and are supplied by West, allowing you the convenience of easy ordering and quick delivery of your vial components.

*In laboratory testing, Valor® Glass vials provided at least 30x protection against cracks than conventional borosilicate glass vials.

96 vials per tray. 10 trays per carton.

West’s comprehensive Integrated Solutions Program offers expert testing to support drug product containment systems throughout the development process. Our technical expertise for pharmaceutical packaging includes vials, stoppers, and seals, with an in-depth understanding of regulations and market requirements, including USP <1207>. A dedicated Project Management team will help to identify key stakeholders to provide consultation and the creation of a customized study design.

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