China NMPA Letter of Authorization (LOA) Request Form 包材授权信需求表

To request a Letter of Authorization (LOA) for CDE application, please complete West’s on-line LOA request form. Entering your Email below and clicking NEXT will allow you to access the form. Once you have entered all information (required information is denoted by an *), click Submit. “After a successful submission, a confirmation Email will be sent to your attention. Your letter of authorization is provided within 15 business days. If the item requires a YBB internal control update, it will take longer than the typical 15 business days."

要申请 用于CDE药品 申请的授权书 (LOA), 请填写 西氏的在线 LOA 申请表。请在下面输入您的电子邮件, 然后单击 "下一步"。请按要求填写申请表,带 * 号的为必填项目, 当您完成填写表格后请点击 "提交"。成功提交后, 系统将向您发送确认电子邮件。您的授权信将在15个工作日内提供。如有于如何填写该表格相关的问题,请联系China.LOARequests@westpharma.com或者您的销售经理。
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