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七月 15, 2020

Additional Products Now Available on West’s Online Store

West is pleased to announce that we&rsquo;ve recently expanded our Online Store offerings to include a 20mm NovaPure<sup>&reg;</sup> Ready Pack&trade; lyophilization stopper, adaptiQ<sup>&reg;</sup> vials from SCHOTT and Ready Pack&trade; Flip-Off<sup>&reg;</sup> CCS (Clean, Certified, Sterilized) seals. West&rsquo;s Online Store is a one-stop solution for access to small quantities of some of West&rsquo;s highest quality products, in stock and available ready-to-use in convenient small packs. Depending on their product needs, shoppers can now purchase a complete vial containment system with the option of selecting either Daikyo Crystal Zenith<sup>&reg;</sup> or adaptiQ glass vials.
Carol Mooney

Carol Mooney

Director, Commercial, Digital & Transformation


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