Abigail Hisler


七月 27, 2020

Packaging Containment Solutions for Cell and Gene Therapies

Research in the area of cell and gene therapies started almost 40 years ago, however recently there has been a been a surge of activity including landmark regulatory approvals for therapies treating chronic and rare diseases. In 2017 and 2018 the FDA approved the first two CART-T cell therapies for cancer treatment and the first two gene therapies for rare diseases. All four of these cell and gene therapies were approved under the FDA Accelerated Approval Program, aimed at expediting approvals for life saving drug therapies. These regulatory programs have the potential to shorten drug development as much as 1-3 years. Currently, there are more than 1,000 regenerative medicine clinical trials underway globally1, and the market is expected to grow rapidly over the next 10+ years.

Cell and Gene Therapy

As more of these life changing therapies are granted accelerated approvals and the speed of development increases, it is critical to plan for your packaging decisions early in the development cycle to avoid potential delays. West has partnered with many companies who have launched drugs via expedited approval pathways, and we understand the need for a solution to support you quickly through development.

Selecting a containment system that will protect your cell and gene therapy drug product across the cold chain is another major challenge that companies must consider early in the development cycle. West is a proven partner for the containment of gene therapies in the US and EU, with West and Daikyo systems used on four approved gene and viral therapies stored at -80°C.

West’s Ready Pack® containment system is an ideal solution for cell and gene therapy companies that need a proven containment system at cold temperatures and a fast delivery to meet the short timelines associated with accelerated approvals. The Ready Pack system includes stoppers, seals and vials, all supplied sterile and in small quantities for fast shipping to your site. West’s highest quality components are included in the Ready Pack system: Daikyo Crystal Zenith® vials available in multiple sizes; vision verified stoppers with FluroTec® barrier film; and West Flip-Off® Clean Certified Sterile seals.

With a proven regulatory approval pathway on four gene and viral therapies, West understands the needs of the market and will partner with you for the packaging and storage of low temperature therapies. We can provide you with a solution that includes both the packaging and technical expertise to move your cell and gene therapy quickly from small-scale development volumes through to approval and scale up.

Learn more by contacting an Account Manager for additional support and guidance or visit our Online Store for easy ordering and fast delivery of West’s Ready Pack system. 




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