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By Deirdre Swinden

十一月 13, 2017

In Part 1 of our West on the Road – Eschweiler series, we learned about the high-value products produced in our Eschweiler, Germany facility and how this dedicated team of manufacturing experts supports customers in their mission to bring critical medicines to patients. In Part 2, we learn from Lukas Buglowski, Team Lead of Engineering, Envision, about how a focus on quality is both a shared mindset and built into every step of the manufacturing process in Eschweiler. Buglowski shares the pride his team feels knowing that they are producing high-quality products that will not only meet customers’ expectations, but more importantly, ensure patient safety, and how this builds trust and makes for a great team dynamic.

By Deirdre Swinden

十月 30, 2017

In the latest installment of our video series, West on the Road, we travel across the Atlantic to our manufacturing facility in Eschweiler, Germany. There we meet Manager of Process Engineering Martin Rothstein, who says he’s impressed at how often he has encountered West products in his private life, whether visiting a family member in the hospital or during a vaccination appointment for one of his two small children.