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Westar Select Components

By Grace Knickerbocker

七月 23, 2018

As the need for higher quality drug delivery and packaging components increases, customers are challenged to meet new standards and comply with additional regulatory requirements. To help our pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical partners meet these challenges and reduce risk, West has developed next-generation quality for ready-to-sterilize and ready-to-use components.

Daikyo Crystal Zenith Leur Lock syringes

By Katie Espenshade

二月 13, 2018

Electron-beam irradiation (e-beam - sometimes called beta irradiation) is a technique used commonly to sterilize pharmaceutical packaging products and medical devices. It operates by directing a continuous flow of electrons through the articles being sterilized. Transfer of energy from the e-beam breaks the chains of DNA in organisms, rendering them inactive, and the articles irradiated as sterile. It is used typically for Ready-to-Use (RU) vials and syringes comprising Daikyo Crystal Zenith® cyclic olefin polymer, and Daikyo PLASCAP® seal products.

Westar Process

By Bjoern Henze

十二月 05, 2017

Pharmaceutical closures used in aseptic environments must be introduced in a sterile state. The most common methods to sterilize rubber closures (e.g., stoppers) are autoclaving (saturated steam) and gamma irradiation. Both methods can influence chemical (e.g., extractables profile) and physical/functional properties (e.g., break-loose and extrusion forces). Therefore, it is important to choose the right method.