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Bettine Boltres presents at PDA Webinar

By Dr. Bettine Boltres

八月 24, 2020

Putting together a risk assessment for nitrosamines in your final drug product is an extensive undertaking. Many contributing factors need to be considered, such as the drug substance’s manufacturing process, excipients, buffers, water, production equipment and environment, transportation conditions, packaging, and more. Within this scope, primary packaging components, such as elastomeric closures, also could contribute nitrosamines or precursors.

Survey Responses

By Varun Gupta

一月 25, 2019

West presented a webinar: Navigating Particle Challenges in Sterile Drugs from Component to Patient by Fran DeGrazio, Vice-President, Scientific Affairs & Technical Services, and John Rech, Technology Manager – Particles, Analytical Lab Services, LLC.