FOCUSED ON OUR FUTURE For a More Sustainable and Safer World

A Letter From Ryan Metz, 
ESG Leader, Associate General Counsel

Ryan Metz

At West, each day we are focused on our purpose — to improve patients’ lives. This mindset drives everything we do — it is a daily commitment to sustainable business practices and having a positive impact on our communities. Improving lives is why we prioritize health and safety and offer a sense of well-being to our team members through a diverse and thriving workplace. We understand that with our purpose at the forefront, we are committed to much more — we’re improving life by focusing on the world around us.

The year 2023 concluded our five-year environmental goals. As we look back and report on our achievement, we are already focused ahead on our new set of goals and actions through 2030, which are highlighted in this report.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the past five years presented unprecedented challenges to our business. We are still proud to play a critical role in the containment and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines and other life-saving therapies. However, the unexpected pressure on our operations during the pandemic caused by a historic increase in product demand resulted in a significant adjustment and unplanned increase in energy and water consumption.

Despite this unplanned energy use, including additional energy used to support multiple manufacturing site expansion projects, we are happy to report that we exceeded our GHG emissions reduction target of 10% by just over 3.6% to achieve 13.6%. With 2018 as our baseline year, our goal was to reduce absolute emissions by 10%, so we exceeded our goal for 2018–2023. The post-COVID pandemic reduction in sales did impact our ability to achieve our energy efficiency target, as you will see detailed in this report. However, we remain dedicated to achieving the target and accelerating our progress in this area.

We are pleased that at the conclusion of 2023, West is 78.8% landfill free, slightly below our goal of 85%, but committed to reach our 100% target by 2030. In addition, we have continued to focus on our people, and are pleased to report a consistent improvement in safety metrics as well as continuing to build our diverse workforce.

Planet, People and Processes

While it’s important to have a retrospective outlook, the future actions we have set for 2030 are founded on six priorities identified through our strategy setting process. This process includes input from several key stakeholders including our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and Board of Directors, and most importantly, our customers. As a result, our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals have cross-alignment with corporate financial goals, human resource priorities and value-to-customer needs.

Our Six ESG Priorities

  1. Climate Strategy
  2. Waste in Operational Processes
  3. R&D for the Environment
  4. Responsible Supply Chain
  5. Talent Diversity & Attraction
  6. Talent Engagement & Retention

One of the most important areas of focus for West moving forward is on the data collection and management process, grounded by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). Leveraging more data allows us to have a laser focus on forward-looking and quantifiable actions.

In addition, data enables West to have more effective partnerships with customers, legislators and the broader community for sustainability and social initiatives. Through these partnerships, we look forward to realizing and delivering on opportunities for shared ESG goals.

In addition to our six ESG priorities, we will continue to focus on several key areas that impact our people, customers and the patients that we jointly serve. These areas of focus include:

  1. Quality
  2. Health and Safety
  3. Compliance and Ethics
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. Risk Mitigation
  6. Philanthropy

I am pleased to share the progress we have made and the direction we are taking. Our Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors are committed to prioritizing West’s ESG performance and embedding it into our enterprise strategy. I am confident we have a collective understanding of our responsibility and the value our new six 2030 ESG priorities will provide.Our work is not yet done; there is more to assess, more to drive forward and more to learn. We also know there are likely to be unforeseen challenges, but we will always remain focused on the advancement of people, and a more sustainable and safer world.