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Fran DeGrazio

VP, Scientific Affairs & Technical Services

March 12, 2012

Managing Total Cost of Ownership in a Changing Market

In 2012, the pharmaceutical industry will face many challenges, not the least of which will be the need to adjust research and development and business models to respond to the growing importance of specialty pharmaceuticals. Such products include sensitive biopharmaceuticals and the growth of biosimilars. Efficiency in manufacturing and the ability to meet critical compliance standards are a must to compete and meet today’s challenges. 

Effective packaging selection early in the development process can be key for sterile pharmaceutical manufacturers. Early partnerships help pharmaceutical manufacturers select consistent components that can be used throughout the drug product’s lifecycle and potentially mitigate risk associated with issues such as particles, which can be impacted by an elastomeric component or by the container holding the drug. An example of the latter is glass delamination of vials, which has driven many market recalls in the recent past. Additionally, as delivery systems are utilized to a greater extent with many specialty pharmaceuticals, the ability to assure the packaging and delivery system work together effectively minimizes risk and total cost.

Overall, early partnerships, consistent components and unique delivery systems can help to lower a drug manufacturer’s total costs and mitigate risk when moving a drug to market.

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