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May 14, 2012

Introducing Tech Talk

Welcome to Tech Talk, our latest feature from blogger Beverly Prohaska, Vice President, Global Information Systems.  These features will discuss how West uses information technology internally and externally to help ensure customer satisfaction.  Look for Tech Talk to appear regularly on the West blog.

At West, we believe that having transparency to what’s most important to our customers will help us to serve you better.  That’s why we recently launched Chronicle, our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program, across the globe.  Sharing knowledge around the world allows us to break down information silos.  This helps us go to market as one company and improve our customers’ experiences with West. 
We chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM  as the technology behind  Chronicle CRM.  With Chronicle CRM, we can access customer information directly from Outlook email.  It is easy to use and integrates with our other business systems to provide better customer insight to our Sales and Marketing colleagues around the world.  Chronicle CRM enables the Sales, Marketing and Technical Customer Service organizations to have one place to go to for all customer contact points, allowing us to be better informed when meeting with our customers.
We believe that customer loyalty is not built on technology alone.  It is built on world-class customer service, and Chronicle is the enabler for us to deliver that experience to you.

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