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May 02, 2013

West without Borders Kicks Off Another Year of Fundraising for Local Charities

West is pleased to kick off the West without Borders fundraising initiative for 2013! In 2012, our global team raised more than $260,000 for local charities that aid children in need. This year, we have once again chosen to aid children by supporting charities located close to our facilities.

West’s Exton headquarters has chosen to support two charities this year: Miracle in Motion and Cure4CAM.

Miracle in Motion – Established in 2009, Miracle in Motion promotes awareness, prevention and treatment for the thousands of children who have suffered severe brain injuries at birth and as a result have some level of permanent disability. The nonprofit organization funds a Motion Grant Program to assist families of brain-injured children as they pay for therapies, purchases of special equipment and devices, and the purchase of vehicle or home modifications. Learn more about Miracle in Motion here:

Cure4Cam – The Cure4Cam Childhood Cancer Organization seeks to raise community awareness and support the development of new and more humane therapies for childhood cancer. Learn more about Cure4Cam here:

Since its inception in 2004, when our fundraising programs aided those affected by the Asian tsunami, West team members around the globe have helped the West without Borders campaigns raise more than $1.25 million to support a variety of charities. Recent campaigns have focused on local charities, and our success over the past several years has only grown. In 2012, we raised more than $260,000, outdoing our 2011 campaign by more than $50,000. In 2010, our first campaign targeting local charities, team members raised more than $200,000, and we’re looking forward to another stellar fundraising year.

Company-wide campaigns included:

2009: Africa Health Placements – West employees raised more than $140,000 for this not-for-profit organization that recruits doctors from around the world to provide critical care for patients in rural Africa.

2008: Braille without Borders – More than $200,000 was raised to support this international program to educate blind children in developing areas such as Tibet and India.

2007: Camp Victory Treehouse – In addition to hundreds of volunteer hours, West employees donated $240,000 to build a wheelchair-accessible treehouse for children with chronic ill­nesses at Camp Victory in Millville, Pa.

2006: Hope Lodge – West employees donated more than $192,000 to help build the AstraZeneca Hope Lodge of the American Cancer Society in Philadelphia. The 30,000-square-foot facility provides free temporary housing to approximately 1,300 cancer patients and their families annually.

We look forward to sharing more information and success stories from our team members with you here on the Westpharma blog!

West without Borders is not affiliated with Doctors Without Borders®, which is a registered service mark of Bureau International de Médecins Sans Frontières.

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