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Catie Hamilton

West Ambassador Intern

July 14, 2014

Words from Ambassador Interns: An Amazing Experience

The other West Ambassador interns and I can all agree that this experience is far from what we imaged, in fact it is much more. From the West without Borders picnic to being assigned various projects, we are learning there are many aspects of a being part of a team in a global company.

Within our first week at West we were deemed ‘The Minions’ for an absolutely wonderful cause to help with the West without Borders picnic, which raised money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The sense of community, care and overall togetherness displayed at the picnic by the West team was something I have never witnessed, nor ever heard of, at any other company! The joy on the children and their respective family’s faces was priceless and truly amazing to witness. I felt honored and humbled to be a part of such a wonderful West event.

It’s not always fun and games – it’s fun and work! We were each assigned various projects to be completed before August 1. It has been interesting learning about each team and how we all interact with each other to work on our projects. Sitting together as a team allows me and the other interns to collaborate and problem solve the challenges of our projects.

I am working with the Quality Assurance team with Tim Meyer as my Supervisor. My projects range from optimization of the stopper drying process to taking photographs of the stopper and vial interactions. As my projects progress, I learn something new every day from the team at West. It is now commonplace for me to be amazed by the truly talented team here. The amount of knowledge that I have gained in the past five weeks is amazing and I am thankful for every bit of it!

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