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May 27, 2014

A History of Giving: A Volunteer’s Perspective

As we continue the 10th Anniversary of the West without Borders fundraising campaign, let’s take a look back at what the partnership with Camp Victory.  The partnership has existed formally for West since 2007 when “Uncle Walt’s Treehouse” was built thanks to donations from West team members, and informally for many volunteers long before that, has meant to team members from the Jersey Shore and Williamsport plants.

Camp Victory is an outlet for children to be comfortable in an environment focused around their needs. It means being part of something bigger than yourself. It takes a wealth of spirited, generous and dedicated people to build such a foundation. Camp Victory, to me, is a place where children with diverse abilities are acknowledged and accommodated. Where they are not confined to a life of doctors’ appointments, medications and illness, even if only for a short while. Where they can have fun in a safe environment suited for them. A place where they can function to their fullest potential and thrive like children should.

I have been volunteering at Camp Victory since 2007. Not only am I proud, but I am honored to be part of something so important to the lives of children. As a father of two, I hope to soon be able to share this experience with my children, to show them the true meaning of giving and receiving. Few things in life have proven to be more gratifying and rewarding than contributing to this exceptional organization.

We have an incredible workforce in Jersey Shore that reaches deep into their hearts and pockets to support Camp Victory. I have seen how touched everyone is when we run the campaigns and request donations. There are tears in their eyes as they watch the video and hear the stories of the children and the parents. I cannot speak for the employees on what Camp Victory means to them individually, however, I believe that their generous support speaks volumes. If I were to interpret this I would say that supporting Camp Victory provides the opportunity for those of us who can to give to those who are in need and in doing so, we realize we are touching a child and giving the moment in time where memories are made that will be cherished forever.

 Barbara Waldron, SPHR
Human Resource Manager
Camp Victory to me means I have the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful group of people who give what they can, when they can, to those that are trying to overcome some difficult obstacles to survive and live a normal life. West allows me to both physically and artistically contribute to this wonderful and worthy organization!  I am proud to be a West employee volunteer!
 Leona Palski
Over the years, Camp Victory has become a part of our culture. We go back each and every year for two weeks. Between Jersey Shore and the Williamsport facility, we provide five or six people per day to take care of the treehouse and do any other grounds upkeep as needed.  It provides a real appreciation for what happens there. We can sometimes see some of the camp activities, as well as see the new additions to the camp.  Volunteering has been food for the soul, because it makes you appreciate what these kids deal with on a daily basis. It puts life in perspective. I can’t say enough about the impact that it’s hand on us as an organization.
 Jim Collins
Plant Manager


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