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Dr. Nicolas Brandes

Director, Sales, Market Development

September 17, 2014

Recent Advances in Polymer Container Systems

Polymeric container systems are not new to the pharmaceutical industry, and their benefits in terms of break resistance, cosmetic quality and dimensional precision have been recognized by many companies around the world who have chosen to use a polymer vial or syringe.

More recently, issues such as protein aggregation, glass delamination, particles and the need for more precise and complex drug containers have led to an increased awareness and interest in polymer solutions as a preferred alternative to glass when considering new products. Increasing regulatory scrutiny of glass-related issues also has increased awareness of the potential risks to patients and the need to focus on safer solutions.

The various benefits of Daikyo Crystal Zenith® (CZ) cyclic olefin polymer systems, as well as a collaborative relationship among all parties can help create an effective integrated drug delivery system.

Dr. Nicolas Brandes
Business Development Manager Daikyo Crystal Zenith

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