Fran DeGrazio

Fran DeGrazio

Vice President, Scientific Affairs & Technical Services

September 08, 2014

Strengthening R&D and Technical Customer Support

The pharmaceutical and biotech industry continues to deal with ongoing challenges especially in respect of strengthening their research and development (R&D) productivity and innovation model.

A recent McKinsey analysis calculates the average economic return on R&D has dropped from 13-15 percent in the 1990s to between 4-9 percent in the past decade.1

In response to this, the pharmaceutical industry is looking beyond their walls to embrace more collaboration outside of their own organizations.

Suppliers are a critical piece of this collaboration. West’s Global R&D and Global Technical Customer Support organizations understand the criticality of primary packaging to the success of new drug products and also of a package and its fit to a delivery system. We are stepping up to assist our customers proactively in addressing these challenges.

Of course, primary packaging related issues are only one aspect leading to the success of a new drug product, but they are a very important piece, nonetheless.

This overview speaks to the direction of our new global packaging systems organization for R&D and Technical Customer Support. We are building an integrated global network to strengthen and leverage our global talents to deliver more effectively at a local level. In addition, we are transforming the organization with the insight we gain from industry to assure new products and processes help meet your challenges in an effective manner with focus on Innovation, Science and Service.

1Economic return on R&D investment for top 10 biologic players. McKinsey perspective on drug & device R&D 2012.

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