Tiffany Burke

West's Global Communications Team

October 28, 2016

West and Eric M. Green Receive Health Care Innovator Award

On October 20, West and President & CEO, Eric M. Green, were recognized as a Health Care Innovator by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

This award is especially significant, as it honors West as a life sciences leader among its peers in the Greater Philadelphia Region—one of the country’s top areas for healthcare innovation.

West innovation is rooted in the Company’s 93-year history of providing drug containment and delivery solutions to the world’s top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. West partners with these customers to support patients with high-quality products that address current and future healthcare challenges, including at-home administration, patient adherence, dosing accuracy and safety.

One particular area of innovation where West has taken a leading role in the pharmaceutical industry is Connected Health. Through a collaboration with HealthPrize Technologies, West is pioneering novel, electronically connected, wearable drug delivery systems to tackle a massive challenge in healthcare: medication adherence.

Getting patients to adhere to a prescribed medication regimen has always been a challenge. But with the rise of chronic conditions such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis – which often require regular self-administration of injectable medication by patients – it’s becoming an even more critical issue. Self-injection devices allow treatments for many conditions to be delivered by the patient themselves at home or another location outside of the doctor’s office. However, if a patient doesn’t use the self-injection device, or uses it improperly, their care may be impacted.

The Health Care Innovator and Doctors of Distinction Awards were presented during a luncheon at the Philadelphia Convention Center where Eric Resnick, VP & Chief Technology Officer, Innovation & Technology, accepted the award on Eric Green’s behalf. Joining Eric Resnick were leaders from the Global Biologics and Innovation & Technology teams. West was among a distinguished group of Innovators from all sectors including: hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, health insurance providers, biotech, medical device manufacturers, and other life science organizations. Honorees included Jefferson Health, Cardiology Consultants of Philadelphia, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, and L.E.A.F. Pharmaceuticals—to name a few.

West is extremely grateful for this honor. To learn more about previous honorees, visit the Philadelphia Business Journal online.

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