Deirdre Swinden

Deirdre Swinden

Director, Global Marketing Communications

October 30, 2017

West on the Road: Eschweiler, Germany - Part 1

In the latest installment of our video series, West on the Road, we travel across the Atlantic to our manufacturing facility in Eschweiler, Germany. There we meet Manager of Process Engineering Martin Rothstein, who says he’s impressed at how often he has encountered West products in his private life, whether visiting a family member in the hospital or during a vaccination appointment for one of his two small children.

Rothstein and the teams at the Eschweiler facility produce high-value pharmaceutical packaging products, turning materials into high-quality elastomeric stoppers, plungers and other components for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. With the biopharmaceutical industry experiencing a shift toward patient-centered, quality care, it is increasingly important to maintain strict manufacturing processes to decrease risk. With this in mind, Rothstein explains that for many customers, it’s important to work with a provider such as West that manufacturers all of the various packaging components for a drug product under one roof, ensuring minimal risk.

The teams at Eschweiler have a long history of providing high-quality components; they possess a deep knowledge of the production process and are able to provide the right support to the customers to help them improve patient care around the world. Check out this new video to learn more about the work being done at West’s Eschweiler facility and visit our Careers page to learn more bout working at West in Germany.

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