Cathy Zhao

Cathy Zhao

Director, Scientific Insights Lab, Scientific Affairs & Technical Service

August 07, 2019

Scientific Insights Help Ensure High-Quality Outcomes

At West, our goal is to partner with customers to mitigate risks of drug/packaging incompatibility, container/device and functional challenges. Although we consider critical quality attributes during development of drug packaging and delivery systems, there can be knowledge gaps of various interfaces based on the specific application of use, such as component-to-container, container-to-device, and container-to-drug.

By Your Side for Expertise

Formed in 2016, Scientific Insights Lab brings together experts with broad knowledge and experience in polymer materials, surface science, biologic drugs and computational modeling. We help customers understand, select, optimize and improve container closure system targeting specific to their drug product applications and manufacturing process.

Our comprehensive protein testing capabilities include:

  • system screening
  • protein adsorption analysis
  • biologic activities assay
  • primary structure analysis
  • protein particles & aggregation testing
  • protein thermal stability
  • product-related structure & impurities

We also perform surface analytical and functionality testing capabilities to assess drug impacts on containers over time. Using theoretical prediction and experimental verification, we assist our customers to predict long term container/drug compatibility at the early stage of combination product development.

Finally, we can perform container closure system (CCS) compatibility and optimization testing for high-quality performance. When used in combination with the comprehensive container closure integrity (CCI) testing methods, our experts can serve customers with

  • CCS analysis
  • components selection/recommendation
  • process set up, troubleshooting & optimization.

By partnering together, West’s experts offer customers the ability to understand the interactions of containers and their new drug products, to provide solutions of container closure systems to mitigate risks down the road in a close, collaborative customer relationship.

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