Fran DeGrazio

Fran DeGrazio

Vice President, Technical Services & Scientific Affairs

July 24, 2019

Scientific Insight Enables Risk Mitigation: Why West is By our Customers’ Side

As regulations increase across the pharmaceutical industry, reliable scientific evidence is needed to support the decisions being made during the drug development process in order to achieve the safe delivery of medicines to patients.


By Your Side for Collaboration

Recent regulations around issues such as particulate and heavy metals, require a strong understanding of the testing and analysis to move drug products to the market.

Collaboration with strategic suppliers is critical to managing issues associated with bringing a sensitive drug molecule to market. By supporting our customers from molecule to market, West works to build a close partnership that can provide the scientific analysis, data and regulatory support needed to mitigate risk, speed drug development, and get drug products to market to support patient health.

No matter what challenges our customers face during the drug product life-cycle, chances are West has faced them before. With nearly a century of industry leading experience, West may already have the answers you need, and if not, we can develop a scientific approach to find what you’re looking for. Working together, we can address issues quickly and effectively, helping to mitigate risks as early as possible in the development process by helping customers navigate regulatory and technical challenges.

To learn more about how West can help, check out our video here on our Integrated Solutions Program page.#WestByYourSide

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