Envision® Stoppers

A risk mitigation solution

The West Envision automated verification system aims to enhance the quality of Westar stoppers, further reducing the risk of component-related issues in drug fill-finish operations. The Envision system uses automatic, program-controlled vision inspection technology to inspect all surfaces of elastomeric com­ponents for Westar®  RS and RU stoppers. Envision inspected products assist in reducing the total cost of goods by minimizing the risk of rejecting drug products, because of visible particulates and closure defects.

Envision Logo 

Envision features include:

  • No regulatory filing impact
  • A fully validated, ready-to-sterilize or ready-to-use product
  • Confidence for patient safety

Envision stoppers support:

  • Consistency and control of critical quality defects
  • Components free of visible defects and contamination, based on an existing defect library
  • Sustainable product quality and consistency

Envision Stoppers Product Attributes

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