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The healthcare industry is changing as biologic drugs increase in importance, with the emergence of newly formed companies entering the market, driving innovation and pipeline growth. Emerging companies are unique, they need access to adequate funding, are heavy reliant on outsourcing to support drug development and have limited resources to support all the activities needed to bring a drug to market.

Moving a biologic drug from discovery to market approval is not only complex, but it takes a long time and there are many risks and uncertainties for a company that has never developed a biologic drug before. As a drug developer with limited resources, you need to meet project deliverables on time and progress to the next key milestones so you can get your drug to market as quickly as possible. There are many events that could delay your progress towards each milestone towards approval and jeopardize your time to market. As more players enter the market and as FDA approvals grow, the biologic market is becoming increasingly competitive, driving the need for increased speed to market.

This webinar will focus on challenges that emerging biologic companies face early on in drug development and decisions you can make to mitigate delays and risks. Dr. Olga Laskina will provide an overview on packaging components that can protect your biologic, while eliminating potential barriers to success by ensuring you have a high-quality containment solution that can seamlessly transition you from preclinical development through commercial scale up. Abigail will provide solutions to common challenges faced by smaller companies that do not have the in-house expertise or resources to support the containment closure decisions they need to make. These available solutions will help reduce your risk and help maximize your speed to market, without costly delays. You need a partner that can help guide you through these challenges, allowing you to focus and make the best use of your resources.

Following the webinar, Abigail and Dr. Olga Laskina will host a Q&A session. If you work for a start-up or emerging company and are in the process of developing a biologic drug, don’t miss this opportunity to learn about containment solutions to mitigate your risks and help you get your drug to the patient faster.

Olga Laskina

Abigail Hisler

Strategic Marketing Director

Abigail Hisler is a Strategic Marketing Director with West Pharmaceutical Services. In this role, she is responsible for the development and execution of the strategy for the emerging biologics market. She has 20 years of experience in marketing, supply chain, and continuous improvement in customer-facing roles at West and DuPont. Abigail received her a B.S. in Business Logistics from the Pennsylvania State University and is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt.
Olga Laskina

Olga Laskina

Technical Account Manager

Dr. Olga Laskina is a Senior Technical Account Manager at West Pharmaceutical Services. She supports customers in technical matters related to product and packaging development as well as drug product and closure compatibility with special focus on packaging for biologics. Olga provides guidance in the selection, processing, and testing of container closure systems. Prior to joining West Pharmaceutical Services, she worked at rap.ID. Olga earned her PhD from the University of Iowa and contributed to more than 20 publications.