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Elastomeric container closures for parenteral pharmaceuticals have been around for a little more than a century. Can these older technologies meet the increased demands of both the growing complexities of pharmaceutical formulations and the increasing stringency of regulatory requirements? Which risks should be considered, and challenges addressed to perform better? And what uncertainties lie ahead?

Component selection is not trivial, but a multivariate process in which considerations should be evaluated concurrently with drug development. This free webinar will explore primary packaging developed following well-established ICH principles for sustainable compliance. As illustrated by the revised EU GMP Annex 1 for the manufacture of sterile medicinal products, using the appropriate primary packaging components contributes to a robust container closure system and contamination control strategy.

Join us to learn more and engage in a conversation with the West Pharmaceutical Services team regarding vial container closure systems for your product development and commercial manufacturing needs.

Dr. Ana Kuschel, Principal Scientific Affairs Europe

Dr. Ana Kuschel

Principal Scientific Affairs Europe

As Principal Scientific Affairs Europe, Ana is providing technical support relating to West’s packaging components and delivery systems for injectable drugs and healthcare products. As well as bridging scientific information through industry outreach. This is complementing her previous role as Manager Material Development, where she worked on both existing and new rubber formulations. Ana holds a PhD in macromolecular chemistry and is an active member of the ISO TC 76 and PDA Packaging Science groups.