Oncology drugs are evolving rapidly to target specific cells, rather than harming healthy cells to get to the cancer. They’re also evolving to enable patients’ immune systems to be more effective in fighting cancer. But drug delivery technology isn’t changing as quickly.

Did you know...

As the cancer burden increases and there is a corresponding pressure on infusion centers, demand for screening, active treatment, and surveillance grows and changes accordingly.

So what?

A rapidly growing demand for cancer care will outstrip availability if care continues to be limited to expensive infusion centers.

There are Drawbacks to Current Delivery Methods
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Nurse administered delivery

Some companies are developing oncology drugs for SC injection using a syringe, which often requires a nurse for administration. While SC injections can help with reducing chair time, large volumes via syringe are painful for the patient.
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Negative feedback

Companies that develop new drugs with traditional or sub-optimal delivery methods may disappoint patients and caregivers. Because of this, Patient-Focused Drug Development (PFDD), is gaining increasing importance in the regulatory process.
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Cost & limitations

And, with continued reliance on infusion center-based treatments, SC injection will allow you to treat more patients in a 24-hour period than via infusion .
The Solution

Improve the patient experience by how the treatment is delivered

IV- and some syringe-based oncology treatments must be administered in infusion chairs, which is expensive and does not deliver an optimal patient experience. With West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (West), you can expand patient access to SC delivery via a large-volume device that attaches to the patient and moves the patient out of the infusion chair.

Scientist documenting his testing in a laboratory notebook

Deliver your drug effectively via a more patient-friendly system

Scientist documenting his testing in a laboratory notebook

Improve the patient experience without sacrificing care with a discreet wearable device that supports large-volume delivery.

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