SelfDose™ Patient-Controlled Injector

Off-the-Shelf Delivery System

The SelfDose patient-controlled injector is an off-the-shelf delivery system that is ergonomically designed for optimal patient administration. Extensive human factors studies have been performed with the SelfDose injector, confirming the intuitive design, supporting ease of use and patient acceptance, and potentially minimizing the need for costly validation. 

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The patient-controlled delivery rate of the SelfDose injector may help to minimize pain compared to spring-based auto-injectors.


  • Designed for a prefilled glass syringe
  • Visual indicator to guide proper drug administration
  • Passive needle safety system that helps prevent needlestick injury
  • Needle depth can be customized to optimize drug absorption
  • Volume customization may be available to meet your drug product needs
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SelfDose™ is a trademark of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., in the United States and other jurisdictions.

SmartDose® is a registered trademark of West Pharma. Services IL, Ltd., a subsidiary of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

West markets SmartDose® as a multi-component system only.  Final assembly of the prefilled component is completed by the pharmaceutical company.