WestFluroTec®阻隔膜是保护药物免受污染的首选方案,通过提供有效的阻隔,使药物和密封件之间的相互作用最小化,同时保持容器密封系统的完整性。 此外,含氟聚合物膜减少了药物的吸收和吸附,这是维持大多数药物的效力和有效期的重要益处。

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West FluroTec活塞可以:

  • 延长包装药物的保质期
  • 减少可见与亚可见级微粒
  • 改善密封件和药物的相容性

在模制过程中,FluroTec膜被施加于胶塞表面,这种膜可适应如干粉和冻干制剂所需的复杂形状的密封系统。 西氏FluroTec的覆膜冻干制剂胶塞具有单叉设计,已经证明可有效减少双叉胶塞在工艺流程中可能出现的扭成对和交锁

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Unique Designs to Meet Your Specific Applications
Every day, West is working by our partners’ side to design and manufacture drug packaging and delivery systems that will bring their drugs from concept to patient efficiently, reliably and safely. West's concept design, development, engineering and project management teams can facilitate all steps necessary to take a product from concept to commercialization, including full validation and chemical and functional testing. Custom components can be provided in ready-to-use or ready-to-sterilize formats.

Click here for a real world example of a custom development project between West and a customer.

West has done the work to ensure components are easily integrated into manufacturing fill-finish operations. From concept to market, West helps customers meet the many packaging requirements for their components.

Small Volume:

  • Ideal for testing or sampling needs
  • Available products ship within 72 hours
  • Westar® washed, gamma or steam sterilized bag formats

Bulk Bags:

  • Ideal for traditional cleanroom filling lines
  • Applicable for use with restricted access barrier system (RABS) filling lines
  • Westar® washed, gamma or steam sterilized bag formats

Ported Bags:

  • Designed for use with alpha-beta rapid transfer port (RTP) systems
  • Interlocking system designed to open only when both port doors are properly docked and integrated
  • Ideal for restricted access barrier system (RABS) and Isolator filling lines
  • Westar® washed, gamma or steam sterilized bag formats
FluroTec®和Westar® 是西氏医药服务公司在美国和其他司法管辖区的注册商标。
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