Three Insights

By Fran DeGrazio

二月 28, 2020

The recent Pharmapack meeting in Paris provided a great global overview of the latest in pharmaceutical packaging and delivery. This meeting involved not only the traditional tradeshow, but presentations from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as from companies offering packaging and delivery systems.

Packaging Academy 2019

By Jessie Zhang

一月 28, 2020

The Packaging Academy has been organized by West in Asia Pacific for the past 5 years, beginning in 2015, and serves as a valued training platform for our customers in injectable packaging both in the areas of containment and delivery systems.


By Stacey Vaughan

九月 20, 2019

On August 6 and 7, 2019, USP hosted the Second Annual Workshop to explore current trends, initiatives and regulations for quality compounding. Members of the West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (West) Scientific Affairs and Strategic Marketing departments participated in the USP workshop and gained valuable insight into the key elements of the FDA’s efforts to improve the quality of compounded drugs.

BioPharma Summit

By Candice Sun

九月 09, 2019

China has now stepped into its “golden age” of biopharma; this year regulators approved the country’s first biosimilar product, HLX01.  Developed by Shanghai Henlius Biotech, it will be used primarily for treatment of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  Biologics are sensitive large molecules, so selecting the appropriate packaging and delivery system is critical.  To this end, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. (“West”) recently held China BioPharma Summit for Injectable Drug Packaging and Delivery Systems in Suzhou.  Over 200 persons attended.

Navigating the Changing Regulations

By Cathy Chhour

八月 13, 2019

Commitment to the safest and most efficient delivery of drug products requires a detailed understanding of the constantly changing regulatory landscape. Recently West presented a webinar series discussing the current regulatory requirements for packaging/delivery components and systems, to support not only customers, but the industry as a whole. Each averaged more than 300 registrants – clearly showing the interest in these areas.

Leo Posner of Johnson & Johnson presenting at the PDA Combo Workshop

By Fran DeGrazio

四月 03, 2019

On March 26, the Delaware Valley Chapter of PDA and West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. co-sponsored a workshop: Defining a Strategy for Combination Products, at West’s headquarters in Exton, PA. More than 150 people from 45 companies that provide drug products and combination products attended. In prior PDA events, combination product regulatory challenges have been cited often as an area both of interest and confusion. This workshop aimed to address them.