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Cell and Gene Therapy

By Page McAndrew, PhD

九月 04, 2020

Gene therapies are stored and shipped at ultra-low temperature (approximately -80oC, either in a refrigerator or on dry ice). This provides a challenge to the primary package systems in maintaining container closure integrity (CCI), especially systems comprising glass vials and elastomer stoppers. These materials have different coefficients of thermal expansion. Upon cooling from room temperature to ultra-low temperature, they contract at different rates; this may lead to gaps and CCI loss.

Stoppers and Plungers

By Olga Laskina, Ph.D.

七月 10, 2020

The overall quality of a final drug product depends on the components of its packaging and delivery systems.  The use of visually inspected components reduces the risk of defective components and helps ensure patient safety.


By T. Page McAndrew

四月 23, 2019

Selecting the right package for a drug product is essential. To do this, it is necessary to understand the surface chemistry of the components of the package to determine if any unwanted interaction with the drug product is likely.

AccelTRA Award

By Deirdre Swinden

五月 25, 2018

West is pleased to announce that the AccelTRA™ component program has been recognized with a 2018 India Packaging Award in the category of “Packaging Design in Injectables.”  The award was announced during a ceremony at the 2018 InnoPack Pharma Confex in Mumbai, India on May 24, 2018.

Ready Pack System

By Julie D'Ascenzo

五月 07, 2018

Finding the perfect home can be a challenge. Upfront research could be the difference between selecting a home with a dry basement, or one with a faulty foundation.  And once purchased, failure to address small problems can result in big losses. While making a larger investment upfront may be difficult, it pays off in the long run.