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By Candice Sun

十二月 06, 2019

Fluoropolymer-laminated elastomer stoppers and plungers provide enhanced performance for container and delivery systems for parenteral drug products – especially sensitive biologic drug products. Among the many fluoropolymers available, West uses ETFE [poly(ethylenetetrafluoroethylene)] for its FluroTec®–laminated products. Selection of ETFE was based upon ease of moldability and the following factors.

West elastomers

By Janina Lehmann

四月 19, 2019

Primary packaging components come in intimate contact with drug products – they can affect both drug product and patient safety. Many elastomer components are offered with a FluroTec® film that serves as a chemical barrier to minimize the migration of compounds from the elastomer into the drug product. FluroTec film comprises an ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene co-polymer (ETFE) – selected based upon flexibility, ability to be laminated to an elastomer, and of course, permeability resistance.