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Elastomers, Stoppers and Plungers

By Cathy Chhour

一月 06, 2020

It is essential to consider lifecycle management during the development of new drugs – especially in the evolving area of biologic drugs. The market demand for both ease of use, and patient-centric at-home administration, is driving the need for innovative container systems and delivery devices. Typically, drugs are launched in vials; continuous development often then enables launch in other formats, such as pre-filled syringes and cartridges. West is committed to easing this movement from container systems to delivery devices through its NovaPure® component portfolio of elastomer closures. NovaPure stoppers and plungers offer best performance and highest quality. Developed with Quality-by-Design principles, they use FluroTec® barrier film and B2 coating technologies.

NovaPure 1-3 mL and 1 mL plungers

By Page McAndrew

九月 28, 2017

Particles in parenteral drug products have been a major source of product recalls in recent years (>100 from 2010-16). They are especially problematic for biologic drug products, where they can induce formation of protein particulates that may have immunogenic effects.