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Chris Evans

Vice President, Innovation

July 09, 2015

Better Patient Outcomes at your fingertips

Technology is becoming a common component to any drug delivery mechanism. With West’s ongoing partnership with connected health expert, HealthPrize, a new course to improve patient outcomes has been charted. By connecting West drug delivery systems with the training, education and rewards from the HealthPrize model, we are addressing some of the most fundamental challenges surrounding adherence.

In a 2013 HealthPrize patient survey, 45% of patients responded that they would rather take out the trash, 27% of patients would rather get a shot, and 10% of patients would rather get a cavity filled, than take their medication. Not only do these statistics describe the patient perspective in a relatable manner, but they also show the tremendous potential for innovative solutions like those West and HealthPrize are working to bring to the marketplace.

As West continues to develop leading drug delivery systems, so too does HealthPrize continue to develop a customizable, interactive, patient model that incorporates gamification and fun into an experience that may be considered a grueling activity for many. HealthPrize understands the behavioral economics of the patient perspective on adherence for injection systems, and continues to educate patients and provide rewards for adhering to drug regimens.

Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of HealthPrize, Katrina Firlik, MD, defines the success of HealthPrize as summarizing the short-term benefits of awarding patients with tangible rewards to encourage best practices for patients to ultimately achieve healthier, improved outcomes in patients. Together, both organizations are dedicated to help improve behaviors related to non-adherence and doing so in an easy, fun and rewarding way.

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