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February 24, 2016

West on the Road: Scottsdale, AZ – Part 1

In the first of three installments of our video tour of our Scottsdale, AZ, plant, Jeff Kyle, Sr. Director Operations and Supply Chain, speaks to what gets him excited about working at West: The knowledge that they are helping to improve the lives of patients by creating innovative drug packaging and delivery systems.

While compliance and standards are a very important part of the Scottsdale manufacturing philosophy, Jason Choi, Project Engineer, says—above all else—West employees keep in mind the patients who will eventually use the components and systems they’re making.

Creating a positive environment of like-minded employees starts with hiring the right people. At Scottsdale, employees dedicate themselves to serving the customer – and the patients impacted by their pharmaceutical products – to ensure products get out the door in time and are safely and effectively delivered to the patients.

Another aspect of that work culture, Kyle says, is the supportive environment in which employees work together, from top management to the technicians. It starts with mutual respect for everyone’s ideas in meetings – fostering a climate in which everyone feels, “we’re in it together” and a sense of ownership of the products they’re making as a team.

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