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June 30, 2016

West on the Road: Tempe, AZ – Part 1

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies around the world rely on the expertise of West's contract manufacturing team—formerly known as The Tech Group to create innovative, safe and effective drug delivery systems that bring important therapies to patients. For those companies – like ours – quality and innovation are of the utmost importance.

In part one of our video series West on the Road – Tempe, we look at how West's contract manufacturing Rockford campus in Tempe, Arizona is developing advanced automation systems and programs to ensure the quality and efficacy of drug delivery and monitoring systems. This begins by establishing manufacturing processes based on a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and the products themselves. West's contract manufacturing engineers at the 96,500-square-foot facility learn our customer’s products inside and out. They combine that insight with their deep knowledge of medical devices and materials, such as plastics, as well as the latest in insert and multi-shot molding techniques to ensure we’re meeting the needs of our pharmaceutical partners and the patients relying on them.

While the medical manufacturing industry today may be complex as ever, Director of Operations, Mike Moran, believes that manufacturing processes will only grow in complexity in the coming years as a changing healthcare environment—one that is ever more patient-centric—will continue to demand more of the pharmaceutical industry and their manufacturing partners.

Ultimately, people at the contract manufacturing plant understand the critical role that they play in bringing drug delivery systems from concept to patient and delivering the high quality that our pharmaceutical customers – and patients – demand.

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