Santina Zouras

Santina Zouras

Global Communications Intern

August 16, 2019

2019 Ambassador Interns Host Final Showcase Event

Recently, interns of West’s global headquarters in Exton, Pennsylvania, hosted a Final Showcase Event where they highlighted various elements of their overall internship experience. The showcase, which included each intern creating a poster to highlight and present their experience, served as a final opportunity for the interns to continue to network with other members of the West team as they finished the ninth week of the ten-week West Ambassador Internship Program.  

Intern Final Showcase

Over the course of the event, the interns actively engaged in conversations with West team members and leadership in which they were able to showcase  their skills and the projects they completed during their internships. After the event, the interns reflected on the meaningful work that they had done over the summer, discussing how this internship experience exceeded most of their pre-conceived expectations when they began the summer program. 

Scientific Insights intern, James Gaus, reflected positively on the final showcase event and noted that, “after explaining my poster to them, it was interesting to learn how my projects impacted their work here at West. One team member even thanked me because he was going to use the data I gathered with a West customer. The presentation showed me that my work here was having an impact, and it has made my time here that much more meaningful.”

While the showcase event gave the opportunity to showcase skill sets and strengths, it also gave the opportunity for interns to continue to work on developing their own soft skills in a corporate setting. 

Sales Operations intern, Evan Wlock, spoke of the event stating, “I have always been a little nervous of presentations, but I can say I was comfortable with having to present the work I have done this summer. The showcase allowed me to improve my communication and presentation skills.” 

The Final Showcase Event was a valuable opportunity for interns to come together and present how their work contributed to the overall mission at West, and also enabled other team members and the leadership team to recognize and celebrate the efforts and contributions of our 2019 intern class this summer. 

To learn more about the Ambassador Internship Program, please click here.


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