Nico Brandes

Nico Brandes

Director, Product Management, Vial Containment & Prefillable Systems

April 17, 2020

Light Sensitive Drug Products Need Protection

Exposure to light is a concern with numerous medications due to the potential for photodegradation or other chemical reactions during manufacturing, storage, and administration(1). This may result in potency loss, altered efficacy and adverse biological effects. The sensitivity of a drug to a distinct spectral region of light may vary with its chemical structure, photoreactivity, and nature of the dosage form. The photochemical behavior of a drug provides guidance for handling, packaging, and labeling of drug products. The use of the appropriate containers and packaging material can protect the products from the deleterious effects of light.

P3 Vials

With the development of Daikyo Crystal Zenith® P3 cyclic olefin polymer (COP) vials, West and Daikyo Seiko, Ltd. addressed the market need for UV light-protection and polymer containment. Daikyo Crystal Zenith P3 vials offer not only UV light-protection, but also breakage resistance, increased drug compatibility, lower protein adsorption, high clarity and the ability for low-temperature storage. Daikyo Crystal Zenith P3 vials are in compliance with USP<85>, USP<87> and meet the requirements ofEP, USP <661.2>, and JP 7.01/7.02 for applicable tests.

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Crystal Zenith® is a registered trademark of Daikyo Seiko, Ltd. Daikyo Crystal Zenith® technology is licensed from Daikyo Seiko, Ltd.

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