Janina Lehmann

Janina Lehmann, Ph.D.

Sr. Director, Technical Customer Support

March 18, 2020

Understanding Industry Challenges

At West, our focus is on supporting the biopharmaceutical industry in qualification and commercialization of containment and delivery systems for injectable medicines. Selecting high-quality drug packaging that meets regulatory standards is essential to a drug manufacturer’s success. West’s top priority is delivering high-quality packaging products that meet the exacting quality standards and product specifications customers require.



West’s Global Technical Customer Support (TCS) Team is key to this effort – focusing on biopharmaceutical industry needs and partnering with customers throughout the process of selecting and qualifying primary packaging solutions and drug delivery systems. This includes a sound understanding of both the packaging requirements defined by the drug product and the regulatory standards. TCS also provides technical information and scientific data on West and Daikyo products, and facilitates interaction with other West services, e.g. West Analytical Services, to reduce drug product time to market.

Additionally, TCS is active in the biopharmaceutical industry, e.g., participation in industry groups, attending conferences and exhibitions, and delivering technical reports and presentations. This enables TCS to be constantly aware of the latest trends.

Broad technical knowledge, understanding of industry needs, and service excellence ensure that West TCS remains the scientific destination for customers.

Contact a Technical Customer Support representative today to see how West can support you bringing safe, effective drug products to the market.

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