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Analytical Services

Analytical Services has vast expertise and experience in extractables and leachables, particle analysis, container closure integrity, and performance and packaging/delivery systems among other methodologies.  As a result of our understanding of materials and delivery systems and their compatibility with the drug product, we can assist our customers in designing studies and in navigating the challenging and evolving regulatory landscape.

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Extractables & Leachables
Extractables and Leachables test using condensers
Providing Support - Insights from the Experts
Extractables and Leachables Analysis
Packaging & Performance
Packaging and Performance Testing
West as the Scientific Destination

Packaging and Performance Testing
Particle Analysis
particle analysis
Problem Solving Expertise

Particle Analysis

Container Closure Integrity
CCI Testing
Product quality risks mitigated by package integrity expertise

Container Closure Integrity
Analytical Lab Certifications
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West Analytical Labs are GMP and FDA compliant. The Labs are also DEA licensed, certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 15378:2011, and have two MHRA certificates.